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Wow, this game is old.

For some background: Back in 2014 I had very little GameMaker knowlage (still don't tbh) and I wanted to make games regardless. The Ruin Jam came to my attention because about everything bad about the game industry and I thought "well in that case it doesn't matter if the game is shit!" I decided to focus on both sloppy mobile ports and the abundance of microtransactions in mobile games. So after like, a day of "work"I uploaded the game. While it is a bad exuce for a videogame in general; I genuinly think my point of mobile games being mostly crap holds up. Take a look at this video, for example. Several of these were most likley made by downloading free Unity assets, adding something from a somewhat popular franchise and the bloating with ads and/or viruses to make money. All while spending the minmuin ammount of effort possible to make the "games". And that's more-or-less what I did! (minus the ads and viruses, of course) I downloaded GameMaker, slapped in some assets from the internet, added (fake) microtransactions and called it a game.

i need to actually try and make games though

CONTROLLS: Q and A to control the left paddle, O and L to control the right one, mouse navigates the menus.

Old description:

As we all know, smartphone games tend to be rather rubbish.

What happens when one of the most important games of all time gets ported to the mobile phone?

Let me tell you; it's not a good sight. Not only has it obviously been rushed, It's also filled to the brim with... with... umm... well you'll see.



Pong Smartphone Editon.zip 8 MB